Youth Mechanics Program

The Toolbox Project


The Toolbox Project is a fully functunal mechanic workshop designed especially for the needs of young people and adults.


In a full workshop sporting a wide range of tools,

bikes with bike ramps and project vehicles, the young people will learn the principles of basic motor mechanics whilst providing a space away from the classroom and life’s rattle and hum.


Ivan and Mark have 30 years of experience between them working with hard to reach and socially excluded young people. They refer to the concept of the Toolbox Project as one that was conceived years ago, but mothballed until now when changes to their work commitments gave them the chance to unearth it from the forgotten draw.  “With all the increasing government cuts on youth provision and with the reductions looking to increase, the timing seemed perfect. We had used a lot of mechanic based

projects with our previous roles with great effect – even with the most hard to reach groups and individuals. Everything seemed to fall into place so

we decided to take the plunge.”

   About The Toolbox

“Through these years we       have found that mechanics is a  brilliant platform to engage with these young people, form new positive relationships and help steer them back on to the right path.”






"The Toolbox Project has helped our son re-engage with college and has improved his behaviour and concentration"







"Since taking part in a group at the Toolbox Project Patricks confidence and self esteem has vastly improved and we have a happier son"

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